Our Hall is Officially Open!

Last Saturday (November 30th), the Westhampnett Community Hall was officially opened by Susan, Duchess of Richmond.

The event was extremely well attended, with many parishioners turning up for the hall opening, which also featured a flute choir, a wreath-making workshop, a festive raffle and mulled wine, while the children were delighted to see that Father Christmas also graced the opening with his presence!

Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce

As Cllr Freeman said at the opening,

"So many people have played their part, within the story of our Hall’s creation.

Jean Hardstaff the architect, whose design is innovative, contemporary and yet utilitarian.

The hall is filled with natural light, which will lift the spirit, of all who spend time here, whether they are attending a social event, a business conference or joining classes to learn new skills.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped in this project whether it be building, planning, organising or simply sweeping.

I would also like to thank Andrew Ball at Rolls Royce for supplying the Tinwood wine, plaque and display boards and for bringing a Rolls Royce along. We are also grateful to the nursery for supplying the trees and lights

I would like to thank all the Volunteers, members of the Parish Council and Hall Sub-Committee for giving up so much of their own time for this venture.

And last but not least I would like to thank Linda, our Parish Clerk, who has worked tirelessly to make things happen, in the way that only Linda can do! "

Photo courtesy of Rolls Royce

Once the Duchess had formally opened the hall, Cllr Freeman then took her on a tour of the facilities and introduced her to many of the volunteers without whose hard work the hall would not have been ready for the opening ceremony, before Her Grace additionally turned on the Westhampnett Christmas tree lights.

Afterwards, carols were sung around the tree, before a procession of parishioners walked by torchlight to Westerton, where the companion tree was also lit.

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