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More classes at the Hall!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We're pleased to announce that more classes will be beginning at the Hall from mid-September!

There will be Body Balance classes on Monday mornings from 0900-1000 (call Emma on 0770 3284244)

Pilates classes on Wednesday mornings from 0930-1030 (call Jo on 07966171408)

Meanwhile, Jane's Yoga classes are 1100-1230 on Tuesday mornings (call Jane on 07841 537105), while Sarah from DeMartino Yoga has classes on a Monday evening from 1730-1830 (call 07378 438190) and Sally Hutchings has a yoga class on Wednesday evenings from 1745-1915 (email sallyhutchings@hotmail.co.uk).

Aston's Fitness Classes are Tuesday evenings (1800-1830, Cardio Blast) and Thursday evenings (1750-1830, Power UP) - contact info@de-martino.co.uk

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